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Some other things to ban.

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So since we're on the ban things kick lets talk about some other things that should be addressed.


Violent video games: These games desensitize kids to the reality of killing someone. They are extremely graphic and put the gun (literally) right in the hands of the child shooter. There is no need for a game that contains any violence. No one should have these. We should push for legislation so that all these games are destroyed, every one should turn them in to be destroyed. They should not be allowed to be bought and sold on the open market including on eBay or at flea markets. No one NEEDS to have access to these games and they are doing harm to our children. Let's ban them now!


Violent movies: Same as games. Why do people need to see violent movies? They serve no useful purpose in our society. Children see these violent acts and think it's OK to act that way. And remember what happened at that Bat Man movie. If that movie had never been made people would be alive today. i saw if it just saves one life it's worth it.


Violence in TV: All these shows showing graphic murders like NCIS wherever and Hawaii Five-0. None of this is necessary. Do we really need to see all of this. And while we're at it lets knock off all the sex stuff too. Too many young girls are getting pregnant (sorry for going off point). And add to this what you see on the news, all this violence being shown to children needs to stop.


I say we should have a government board censors review all these movies, games and TV shows fro approval.


Swords and big knives: Why would anyone need a sword? Some guy in China hacked up a bunch of kids a few days ago. Should we be taking the chance that something like that could happen here? And who needs a big knife? I'm talking a machete, KaBar or one of those Rambo survival knives. They should be removed from society. No one needs a big knife so turn them in!


There's a start please add anything else you think we should ban!



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FScouter, you're a little late on that one, they are already suggesting that....


I think we need to ban all cars capable of doing over 55 mph. If one doesn't need a 100 round magazine on their gun, they surely don't need a car that does 120 mph. Just think of all the people that can be saved by getting speeding cars off the road.


We also need to ban the amount of TV a kid can watch. Far too much violence on TV. Then we can work on the movies, too.


Then we need to ban restaurants that serve too big of a portion. Outlaw doggie bags! No one needs super-sized fries with their meals.


If we ban XXL sized clothing, then people, if they wish to go out in public, will need to conform to a smaller "magazine" of food on their plate.


People really don't need more than their Saturday night bath either. People used to live to be a hundred and bathe only once a week, or less often if necessary. Just think of the great environmental impact that will make on our world.


Ban or drastically reduce displays in all museums of any and all weapons. After all a quiver of Native American arrows should be limited to 5 arrows. They don't need more than that.


I'm thinking the Geneva Convention should also be amended to ban more than 5 bombs on a terrorist's vest. After all we are talking about non-military, civilian people here.


All homes need to be limited to 5 light bulbs. After all, they can be moved around as needed, they aren't bolted down.


Even as I joke about such things, I am kinda concerned about all the personal liberties one is going to lose going down this slippery slope.


Every ban and every zero-tolerance policy is designed to reduce the civil liberties of a free people.





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Crackpot ideas? How about some specifics on why my ideas won't work?


All my points are valid and implementing them would go a long way towards solving the violence problems in this country.


We won't need an armed guard in every classroom as soon as we get all the guns off the street. Think of all the money we'll save. My son's high school has two officers assigned to it. (I can't understand why they still have a drug problem in the school though).


Oh and I'll that we should institute mandatory prayer and saying the pledge every morning in schools.



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jblake, we don't need to ban fast cars, that's too hard. They already have black boxes so the government could just program them to shut down if you exceed the speed limit and send you a ticket.


However banning low mpg vehicles is valid since they take precious resources from everyone else and they pollute the air. Of course if you really feel the need to have a gas guzzler than you can buy offsetting carbon credits from Al Gore!


I think NYC beat you to the ban on super-sized meals but we could make it nation wide.


The light bulb limit brings to mind all these CFLs I now have in my home thanks to the Feds. They're suppose to last 7 years but they don't. I'm replacing them after about two years and the mercury laded dead bulb goes in the trash. How's that for being Green?


You know during the war we had rationing of pretty much everything including gas, tires and sugar. Maybe if we banned unlimited availability of these items we would all be healthier and it would be better for the environment.

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Ban light sabers. Darth Vader carried one and he destroyed a whole planet just to get a girl to talk.


Ban fertilizer. Do I really need to mention Timothy McVeigh?


While we're on Timothy, ban Ryder trucks.


Ban radio and film. They enabled Hitler to spread his hate-filled propaganda, took the world to war and ended up getting millions upon millions of people killed.



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Let's ban drugs in schools, I dunno make it a safe, drug-free zone. We can put cameras and signs up and do drug testing of all students, teachers, employees... Well we got half-way there and then the Teacher's Union stonewalled any drug testing of teachers. Undeterred, I suggested "exercising" a state police drug dog in the high school parking lot during school..."Not without a search warrant." But the "Drug-Free Zone" signs are up and the school administrators did "take a bite out of crime" as no student can take an aspirin without going to the nurse.


My $0.02,(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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I think we should ban children, except to parents who are a)married and b)trained and licensed. No more than 2 per married couple...no on NEEDS more than 2 kids, especially if they can't feed them without government support. We should ban divorce...a lot of kids are dysfunctional because of broken homes.

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Yah, I think we'd do well to ban lobbyists.


Much as in some ways they serve a purpose, they are by definition one-issue group-think folks, eh? In that way, they don't represent anybody in da country, because almost none of us are really one-issue voters.


I thought about banning politicians, but we do need somethin' for folks who can't hold a real job, and I reckon it's better than welfare.


These days there's a bit of me that's with George Washington on da notion of banning political parties, though. America ain't a parliamentary democracy, eh? We don't elect a party. We elect individuals to represent us. They should do their job and act like independent individuals. They should represent their constituents, not their party.




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