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Gun Control, what is reasonable?

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Maybe we should learn something from people who deal with this threat on a daily basis:




We need to focus upon the mentally ill who are committing these crimes and not take away our rights. If owning firearms is a bad idea, repeal the Amendment.

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One problem with arming teachers is that it is that there is an underlying assumption that the teachers are mentally stable. Thomas Hamilton was a scout leader and youth club director. In 1996, armed with 4 handguns (no assault rifle), he killed 16 children and 1 adult in a school in Scotland. He cared very deeply about kids. So giving more people guns isn't such a good idea especially in schools. This incident led to the handgun ban in the UK.


It's not so easy to say "just keep guns away from criminals and the mentally ill" because many times people just snap and don't become criminals until that first pull of the trigger.




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