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The Will of ?

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"And those grieving families will understand, profoundly, how alone they are and how empty and dark and indifferent life really is."


I read this and couldn't help but think that this isn't the same place, the same planet as the one where I live.


I get and understand that there are times when we (Me!) Feel that we are very much alone and that the darkness is overwhelming.


When HWMBO was informed that the cancer was back and that most people only live about seven years with it before they die.

I was upset, very upset.

I was mad at the world, mad at my God. Maybe even mad at my wife for putting me in this terrible situation?

For a while I wallowed in my anger, my own self-pity.

I felt very alone. But the truth was that I was guilty of not allowing other people in.


The media coverage and what happened in Sandy Hook School has really upset my wife.

She keeps asking me how can God allow such a terrible horrific thing to happen?

I would love to be able to have an answer and explain.

However the truth is that I don't know and have no answer.


I can't explain or know why bad things happen.

I know that they do and life is often full of things both good and bad.

Maybe not as bad as the death of a child but none of us live in total comfort or total bliss.


I also know that I'm loved and that people do care about me.

Of course some love and care for me more than others.

My life isn't "empty and dark and indifferent".

I'll never understand the will of God or the forces of evil.

I do believe in the power of love and that the more you love the great the return you receive.

I'm OK in thinking, believing that love comes from my God and my idea of my God. Which might not be anyone elses idea or take on God.

And this love will and does see me through the good and the bad times.


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I think all faithful struggle with the will of God. Clearly we'd sincerely hope that the Lord we worship doesn't plan to have innocents slaughtered. This event has made me reflect on God. Does he will these things to happen? If he doesn't, why does he allow them to happen? If he doesn't want them to happen, but allows them to anyways, why would he? I don't think there are answers to that question.


However what can't be understated is that this wasn't the actions of a raging mad God, but the act of a troubled young man, and there are more of them in this country, and we need to find them, and help them, in order to prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.

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Humans were created with free will, i.e. the ability to freely love God.


However, there's a dark side to that characteristic of humanity. We can all choose to abuse that character trait.


When people blame God for human's bad behavior, they have made a grave mistake.


John 3:16 - probably the most quoted piece of Scripture in the Christian Bible, is totally ignored at times like these. God's desire for humanity is to be saved, not destroyed. There are those in this world who seek peace, i.e. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God. But there are those who choose to go against the will of God and are often referred to as those who are anti-Christ. We have been falsely led to believe there is but one anti-Christ, but it is my contention that there is a whole world in league with the anti-Christ movement.


It is God's will that the world will be healed, cured, blessed, peaceful, etc. Anyone who works against this Will is in league with the anti-Christ.


Now I'm not a particularly preachy person, but when I see such destruction being promoted in this world, the LAST "person" I blame is God. It is the dark hearts of humans that cause the pain and grief we see in this world. The only mistake I see God as ever making is allowing his creatures the freedom to love and/or hate. But then the world would not be as blessed as it is today when we have people who choose to love instead of hate.


Okay, I'll quit preaching now, it's kinda out of character for me.



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Yeah, the will of man vs the power of God. Why does God allow man to act freely? If we were automatons I guess life would be simpler.


There is tragedy and death that confronts and confounds me far too often in life. Most I can "understand" but the intentional targeting of children - in any place on earth and in any way - is horrible and incomprehensible. The depths and breadth of mankind - for beauty, greatness, compassion, and horror - still exceed my expectations.


Where is God during these awful times? Right beside us; mourning the loss of the innocent. Reaching out for us to "love one another" and "turn the other cheek" and "do unto others". But it is hard to ask why God "allows" tragedy while we also deny a higher moral standard exists or insist on making God in our own (convenient) image. God is love, but not a dictator. We are left to make our own choices - good and bad - and live with the consequences.


I hope and pray for the families of Newtown; for healing, for compassion, for the ability to continue on. I hope and pray they are able to see and feel the arms of God through the actions of all of us as we reach out to them in whatever way we are able. After all, aren't we the instruments God intends to use - if we allow it?

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This discussion has been going round and round for thousands of years.


Not long after 9-11 my then 5 year old asked me "If God is all powerful why does he let the bad men hurt people?". And my goodnight kiss turned into a discussion of pre-destination vs. free will with a 3 year old. I told him our family believes in the free-will side. His reply (I paraphrase):


"If we can decide to be good or bad then I will decide to be good. But if I hate God I might as well be as bad as I can be before I die. If I was God I don't know if I would trust people"


Having a child explain that God'd free will means we have to swallow the bitter pill of evil was not what I expected that night. But he was (Can't say he still is now!) pretty wise as a young'un. God also allows cancers, disasters, and physics is this world as well.


I have read Rabbi Kushner's argument (the Why Do Bad Things happen to Good People book) guy say he thinks God is all knowing, all loving, but not all powerful. That he suffers along with us. I don't know...the older I get the less I know. I do know that God wants us to be his hands in this broken world to help others, spread love and comfort, and promote justice.


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The past couple of years, I had returned to the Church (Lutheran) where I was raised, and was even wrestling with the nagging thought of becoming clergy when I retire from my career. This past weekend has landed me square back in the camp of agnosticism. I cannot encourage others to believe in something that I, myself cannot understand and explain.

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