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Watergate - in case anyone is interested

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I have seen a little bit of this. I was a major Watergate fanatic while it was happening -- while I was in high school. I even voluntarily wrote research papers about it in school, and followed it every step of the way. I have to say that my interest in this material today is probably somewhat less than it would have been 38-39 years ago. :) It's kind of like the anticipated release of information about the JFK assassination, which I assume is supposed to take place next year -- 50-year anniversary, right? If they release a note from Nikita Kruschev or Lyndon Johnson or Sam Giancana saying, "I was behind the whole thing", then I might show some interest, otherwise, if it's just more pictures of mis-shapen bullets and shadowy figures on grassy knolls that might be a tree or a person with a gun or an umbrella, nobody can really tell, my attitude will probably be, great, what are we having for dinner?


In this case, I did look at a few random documents and what I see is a letter with almost everything between "Dear Judge Sirica" and "Respectfully yours" cut out, with the message "Sealed by Court order." Great. I can see things like that on much newer Court documents when I like. :)

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Watergate matters today because it led to articles of impeachment being voted by the House of Representatives and Nixon resigning the presidency. It is important to note that NOBODY DIED as a result of the criminal activities of some of Nixon's people. On the other hand the current "fast and furious" scandal that goes completely ignored by the mainstream media resulted in the death of a US border patrol agent. And of course four brave americans died in Benghazi because of the blinkered incompetence of the current administration. Oh wait, the Benghazi thing was just a movie review that got a little out of hand....

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