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Autism Speaks Awards $25K to Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Program

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Help is where you find it, I guess. Has anyone gone through this program?


"Autism Empowerment (this is not a BSA leadership program) and their Autism and Scouting Leadership Training Program is one of just sixteen national non-profit recipients (and the only Northwest based honoree) of a 2012 Family Services Community Grant from Autism Speaks. The awards were announced in late December 2012 and Autism Empowerment will be receiving their grant award check in January 2013.


http://www.autismspeaks.org/family-services/grants/community-grants/community-grants-2012 (see list here)


Based out of Vancouver, WA and serving locally, nationally and worldwide, Autism Empowerments Autism and Scouting Leadership Training program works to train leaders about Autism, Aspergers and inclusiveness within a variety of scouting venues including but not limited to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Royal Rangers, American Heritage Girls, Sea Scouts, Campfire Girls, Impact Girls and Geek Scouts. They currently educate through online and in-person training as well as through their podcasts at Autism and Scouting Radio and Autism Empowerment Radio.


The grant is being used to expand the Autism and Scouting Program to provide advanced written, audio and video training to units throughout the United States. It will utilize a variety of visual and strategic tools to assist leaders in working more effectively with scouts (ages 5 - 24) with autism and their families."



Much more info here






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$25K could buy some decently developed materials for distribution to Scouter volunteers over the internet--kinda like a Scout oriented "Book of Accommodations". If the $25 went to fund a trainer position it will not last long or accomplish much.


I looked on the web links and did not find much of use. As the father of a scout on the Autism spectrum (and dealing with a half dozen others) I will take any and all helps, tips, and tricks from anywhere BUT have learned that most of the time their is more flash than substance.

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