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Cub Scout Pants going away in favor of Switch Backs only?

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Regular long pants, not the switch backs....

I noticed that the size selection for the youth pants online is very limited, and the store was also almost out of stock a few weeks ago.

The lady working the store said that they are going away in favor of switchbacks.


I hope someone from the BSA is reading....


I'm pro uniform, but I have asked my wife to keep her eye out for some blue school uniform pants for my son.


He needs some long pants for cooler weather.


I bought switchbacks at the beginning of his Tiger year last year. Bought the smallest size. Never hemmed them as they were already too short, while the waist was huge on him. Adjusted them down and they served ok untill now. They are no just too short as pants, but still offer him plenty of room to grow in the waste. And as shorts, they are still too long.

(& to qualify, he's not some disportionate freaky kid..... his height and weight rankings put him big for his age but correctly proportioned height to weight.)


I have a pair of switchbacks for myself, and hate them. The zipper is in just the wrong place on the knee, and this makes them very uncomfortable in either role....

They are just a confused garment in my opinion..... they are pants..... they are shorts..... but they do neither job very well.

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Our house is littered with the lower leggings of switchbacks. Trying to match sizes and leggings gets to be a real pain. We are now in the mode that we just never remove themm or we never put them back on. Sure we unzip partially for venting if it's really hot out, but we never fully remove. It's just too easy to lose and just too hard find the right set to get them ready to go again.

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Call me crazy but, I like them. I find them very comfortable and often don't bother to change out of them when I get home from a meeting.


As far as mis-matching sizes. I little stitch with colored thread could help in matching them up. Just use a different color for each person.



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I like zip-offs in general, but I think that the Cub Scout version could be better designed. The shirts, too, there is a large sizing gap between small and medium in the draft.


My sons are in the habit of putting the bottoms of their switchbacks in their pockets when they zip them off. That makes it easy to match them up again for laundering.

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We don't require our cubs to wear scout pants, just shirts so I haven't seen any blue uniform cubs wearing scout pants. There's only one tan shirt cub wearing any type of uniform pants and that's my kid because I found a couple pair of brand new scout pants at a rummage sale. I like the convertibles as long as it's not something where I'm sitting a long time. If I'm sitting a long time, the zipper irritates the legs. I also like them because I'm the type that will wear shorts in cold weather. So I may get to a meeting, feel it's way too hot for me in the building and just unzip into shorts.

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