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Camp Shands

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Better late than never we are getting our SC plans together. We are looking at Camp Shands in Hawthorne, FL. The guys got interested when they saw the pictures of the tree houses, and they are still available the week we want to go.


Anyone been there recently that can give me a heads up on their program? One thing I noticed is their 1st Year camper program is actually split into three groups, TF, 2nd and 1st that don't take up their whole day. While I'm not a big fan of 1st year programs, that aspect sounded at least different if not intriguing.

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While we haven't been down for summer camp yet (DH's boys get to start going this year as Webelos), we have been to Shands for our Cuboree and other council events. It is a really nice place. There isn't much around, though--it's not a quick trip to the corner store kind of place.


Our scouts, in the pack,that went the last two for Webelos said they had fun, and stayed busy, but it wasn't the "hurry up, we have to go now now now" that they get at Cuboree.


They don't have their Cub/Webelos information posted up yet, but you can get the BS guide on here.



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have camped there a couple times with the cubs.

Looked at the tree houses, but have never stayed in them. They are in a nice littel fenced in compund close to the dining hall and chapel. I seem to remember seeing some small holes in the screens that may give a bit of problem with bugs in the summer.....


We did stay in very similar tree houses at a nearby camp, that used to be a GS camp but is now operated by the county. I think the Camp Shands houses were a bit bigger and nicer, and certaily cleaner.

It's a nice novelty.


There's water in the lake, but the level is way down. I would think that the water stuff wouldn't be that good.


They do have a nice climbing /repelling wall there.


As previously mentioned, it's a long run into town.

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