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Campfire Program

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Looking to share ideas on skits, songs, cheers, etc, for campfires.


Here is a song/cheer I like to do at campfires. It really gets the campfire and scouts going. A lot of fun.



Here are three cheers we like to do. The third cheer is fun but we reserve it for a staff member or leader we know.


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Campfire is a real fun for children. They enjoy a lot while playing in a cozy environment. Lots of songs and dance is the fun element of campfire for children. Most of my neighbors send their children to summer camp every year.

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Had outdoor leader training this weekend. Was cold wet and miserable. Each patrol had to perform 2 songs and two skits. This one went over big and was selected to end the Council campfire.



Song - Scout Wet-Spurs

To the tune of “Oh Christmas Treeâ€Â


Softly falls the rain today, as our campfire drowns away.

Silently each scout should ask have I brought my SCUBA mask

Did I tie my tent flaps down, learn to swim so I won't drown.

Have I done and will I try, to grab my things as they float by.


Harder falls the rain today As our campsite floats away

Suddenly each scout should ask, did I bring a life raft,

Have I tied my tent flaps down or did my backpack float to town

Have I done, and did I try everything to keep me dry


Finally stops the rain today and our campsite’s miles away.

Searching like each good scout should to build a fire with dry wood.

Can I dry my bed roll right? So I can dryly sleep tonight?

Have I done and have I dared everything to be prepared.

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