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cub scout religious awards on scout uniform

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My son just crossed over into Boy scouts and we are going to attend a formal scouting event (banquet). Is it appropriate for him to wear the two religious awards he earned in cub scouts on his boy scout uniform?


Thanks for your input,



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"Why not", indeed.

I doubt seriously if anyone would object. However...

"Officially", the only Cub Scout award that should be worn on the Boy Scout uni is the Arrow of Light, under the left pocket.


The proud Scout can wear the Religious Award square knot above his left pocket, and if he wants to get really proper, attach the "device" appropriate (a silver pin) for his Cub awards to the Square Knot. I guess that means there are two Cub awards that can be acknowledged on the Boy Scout Uni.


When he earns the Boy Scout award from his faith, he can then add another "device" (or two?) to the Square Knot.


As an adult (time enough to consider this!) , he can wear the

youth square knot on his adult uni and then earn (as appropriate) the Adult Award appropriate to his faith AND add another square knot for that!(This message has been edited by SSScout)

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As mentioned wear the square knot with the appropriate devices for regular wear. Up to 5 medals can be worn at one time for formal moments.


I should point out those knot devices are not real fun if your going to wear a pack of any kind, and they have the added benefit of being easy to forget at laundry time.



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Interesting question. I think most folks hit it on the head already.


My two cents: It's not technically a Boy Scout Award, so he could wear it...but after a year or so in Boy Scouts, I would say he's had the chance to earn the BS level Religious Award, and he should be discouraged from wearing them. Mostly however, I would follow what the rest of the Pack, District, and Council are doing.


On the knot...I would say he's easily cleared for that. I personally don't like the little metal devices on knots, and have no plan to ever wear them. (partly for the reasons already listed)


Interesting post, as my Pack is setting up these classes right now.

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Haven't had to deal with the devices yet, but i was wondering if the pin could be peened over on the back side so taht it's permenantly installed without the little torture point on the back?

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If the religious growth program for my faith has more than one level (for the different grade levels), may I earn all of these levels?

Yes. Students can earn all levels of their religious growth series. However, students must be in the appropriate grade when they start each level, and they may not go backwards and earn younger programs.P.R.A.Y. - Protestant church programs.


So the purple knot (youth) may be worn on the uniform. As for the medals, for example for the Roman Catholic faith has awards for the Light of Christ (Tiger & Wolf), Parvuli Dei (Bear & Webelos), Ad Altare Dei (Boy Scouts at or above 7th grade). A youth, Cub Scout or Boy Scout, could wear those medals (all or highest) but would wear only one "purple knot."



Religious emblems are for all members of the BSA that wish to pursue them. The Youth Awards are earned through work with the individual religious unit and the requirements for each are set by the church and not by BSA. Once earned, the award is generally presented by the church or religious group but may also be recognized by the Scout unit at an event such as a Court of Honor or Troop meeting or Pack meeting. This award may be earned as a youth, or presented to an adult that is nominated. Once earned as a youth, the knot may be displayed on the uniform from that time forward. If a Scout earns the youth award and as an adult later is presented the adult award as well, both knots may be worn. For each faith, a specific set of requirements is published and is established by the religious faith and not by BSA.


So an adult may wear two purple knots (they are slightly different - the youth and adult knots).(This message has been edited by acco40)

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The leaders are working with a local church, who has a decon who will be teaching the Cub Scouts...and the pastor will be signing off the final completion. We've informed the parents, we're finalizing the total cost of the program (with the church) and now we're just waiting on the families who are interested in attending.


So, we're really faciliting the set up with a local church.



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