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Wanted Vintage Eagle Medal

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So I know that no one ever wants to get rid of family BSA stuff here, but I thought I would at least try. My son made Eagle Scout this year. He planned his Board of Review on the 50th anniversary of our troops first Eaqle Scout. He very much loves the history aspect of scouts and is very proud to be a scout. When we talked about planning his Eagle Ceremony he told me that he wanted to get a vintage eagle medal that belonged to a scout and not a new one with no history attached to it. We have tried bidding on a few on ebay, but the price usually goes way high, or it is just a medal with no historical significance or information by the seller.

Please contact me if you would be interested, or know someone that would be interested in preserving your own BSA History in the memory of a new Eagle Scout. I will send you pictures of the ceremony and I know my son will send you a loong thank you and probably bug you for every detail!

We are looking for one pre-1950 as that is the time period he studies most. He has even recently been accepted to a college with a degree program in Historical Automotive Restoration. Yes, he loves the past that much.

Thank You

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You're looking for a Type 3 Robbins, which looks like this:



Note that there is no BSA on the front of the medal, and that the back detailed (not the "flat-back" or "half-a**ed" Eagle).


You may want to email: info@eaglescoutbadge.com as they indicate that it is fairly common medal, and they have one for sale.


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Also try http://ow.ly/g8PEi . This takes you to this weekend's edition of "Scouting Hot Finds" newsletter. I think a number of Scouting collectable dealers work together to summarize everything (or at least the cool stuff) posted for sale on eBay. If you go to this issue there will be a link to get a regular update.


There are almost always old Eagle medals listed for sale.


I know the main guy, Jason Spangler aka Santeeswapper. He's a good guy and if you contact him personally I'll bet he can help you find the medal you're looking for.

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I Have one I can give you, I found it on ebay and payed $100 for it because it was a friend of my Dads, Troop 21 Suffern NY. I couldn't see just anyone getting it. He and Dad(who is 92 and still alive) were in same Troop there and I'm pretty sure they got Eagle the same year(1938)The fellow that was selling found it at an Estate sale from CT.

Please send me a private msg-it looks like it has a good home finally.




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Thank you Eagle and TwoCub. Both of those are great resources!

Karen, I sent you a private message with my email included. You are an angel!

Wow. I knew "scouter' would be "helpful", it's part of the oath, I just didn't know how much.


Thank you everyone!

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