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Anyone know if / HOW to give feedback to national regarding MB pamphlet ?

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I was reviewing the Medicine MB requirements today (as I recently signed up to be a MBC for this badge) and I seem to have stumbled across a couple issues in the pamphlet...


In requirement 1.p. under "Discuss with your counselor the influence that EIGHT of the following people or event had on the history of medicine:" it has listed Helen Raussig. The correct spelling should be Helen Taussig. She was an early female pediatric cardiologist who developed a shunt procedure to correct a congenital heart condition called 'tetralogy of fallow'. It was once one of the most common fatal heart birth defects and now is regularly managed with her invention and corrective surgery. Seems the BSA has a typo in her name.


In requirement 4.a.1. under "Do the following: a. Describe the roles the following people play in the delivery of health care in your state." 1. lists "Allopathic physician", followed by #2-#19 with various other health care providers listed.


Now, an Allopathic physician IS a general medical doctor who practices "western" or evidence based medicine. This would be fine, however, the term was coined in the early 20th century as a DEROGATORY term to describe these doctors by 'naturalist' or 'wholistic' / naturopathic doctors to discredit "western" medical practices. It is NOT used or accepted as a normal term for a physician currently as far as I know or listed by the AMA, etc...


It would be the same as labeling an environmental scientist a "tree hugger" or a malpractice attorney as an "ambulance chaser" in BSA literature!


Does anyone know HOW to bring this to the attention of BSA national, so that they might at least LOOK at correcting these mistakes before the next release / update of the MB? Any info is greatly appreciated.



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Personally I'd write a letter to Bryan On Scouting using his blog and/ or wrote to National directing it to the MB dept.


I have a problem with the wording in many of the Disablitlies things (merit badges & beltloops and pins) as they use medical terminolgy instead of the cultural terminology. Many of the medical terms are derogarory as they really imply peole need to be fixed instead of being accepted as they are. Obviously MB are most often written by an person outside of the field, in my honest opinion.

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From the 2011 Guide to Advancement: Revising Merit Badges


Through a process managed by the national Advancement Team, all merit badges are reviewed periodically to improve relevance, consistency, and requirement and content accuracy. Merit badge counselors, unit leadership, parents, and youth are encouraged to send suggestions or comments to merit.badge@scouting.org . All submissions are reviewed and considered as merit badges and pamphlets are revised. Feedback has been invaluable in correcting errors, updating material, and enhancing content.



Alternately, write to the address listed in the front cover of all the new color merit badge pamphlets.


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Thank you Dean,


And I applaud your dedication to wanting to help make your program as accurate and character-building as possible. Should have any further concerns regarding any merit badge requirements or content, please let me know.


David C. Scott

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