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Multiple Registrations - COR

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Fellow Scouter,




I've hit an issue, and now asking the forum for some comments. Probably more related to Scoutnet.


I am recently assisting a unit that went thru significant change. At recharter time there are current only four Scouting families which are all recently new to this specific community. All of the other families have departed the community. We are attempting to get the minimum adults &youth to fit in one multi-age Den/Pack.


The adult application has a paragraph on minimum adults as well as the unit recharter application instructions. I've viewed a few other units charter and seen a few times the COR was multiple registered as IH/EO. Seems like online rechartering and ScoutNet allows this to occur. The instructions allow for the COR to be multiple register, but only under specific positions.(EO/IH not being stated)


I know 2-3 other units that will experience similar future changes.


I also know in my community that a handful of CORs understand Scouting, but the small remaining population of the "chartering org/institution" do not desire to register or apply for membership.


So with a minimum amount of adults, can I place the COR and IH/EO as the same individual? Instructions appear to say no, but ScoutNet appears to say yes.


Scouting Forever & Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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Yes. But the unit executive officer / institutional head is not really a "scouting" position. You are more "listed" as the EO/IH and "registered" as the COR. You can be "registered" concurrently as the COR and CC. I've been in this position when the pastor last left our charter org church. At that time, I was on the charter as EO/IH, COR and CC.

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We changed to this configuration his year. It was getting ridiculous at rechartering time to chase down both the COR and EO for signatures on three separate charters thet never seemed to get completed at the same time. Both persons had the same position in the CO ("elders on session" in a presbyterian church), so functionally they had the same responsibility/authority and just divided it up because it sounded like BSA required it to be at way. So in practice, one would be our go-between with the church, and the other would sign paperwork once a year.

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