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Over the years, I have often heard jokes like "...the only things scouts lie about is having girlfriends" from non-scout acquaintances. "Yeah yuck, yuck, not true!"


Enter Eagle Scout, Notre Dame football player, and Heisman Trophy candidate Manti Te'O with the tragic story of the death of his non-existent girlfriend Lennay Kekua.



Bizarre and why? Did he want added sympathy in hopes of winning Heisman?


The good news; people and the embarrassed sports media are more interested in Lying Lance who makes Bill Clinton seem like a boy scout.


Another $0.01 for still being grumpy

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There is the possibility however unlikely that the girlfriend was a hoax by people trying to take advantage of the guy. Not likely, not unheard of. There's a movie/documentary called "Catfish" I think.. People fall for online love scams all the time. I still think he made her up, but the jury is still out on it.

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Mass Shootings at schools/shopping centers.




National debt.


The nation is seemingly consumed about the personal ethics of a football player and a cyclist.


( Cynicism_mode )


Bread and circuses, anyone?


( / cynicism_mode )

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I am giving him the benefit of doubt. I got pulled in on a scam similar to this when I was looking for love. This guy said the right things, knew what to talk about. Well, when I started to date my other half, he got all weird. There were several alarms that went off, and after six months, I ended it. Now, with Mante being very busy with his studies and football schedule, I can see where he would be vulnerable. LOL, maybe this is something to add for the Cyber Chip ;).


The guys who made the "Catfish" movie now have a series on MTV. Since I enjoyed the movie I actually started to watch the series. Boy, these days the kids really can twist things around. There was a girl posing as a guy to get back at this girl for seeing her boyfriend. There was a gay guy posing as a girl because he liked talking to guys. Many strange things on that show.

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Well Now there seems to be more to the Story...


Seems there was really a "Girl" involved...

And she says she says she lied to him about her Death to protect herself from Drug Dealers


I am guessing this was not a perfect "Eharmony" romance or a "Match".com made in heaven after all...



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