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My troop has decided to go the summer camp every other year. And this year is an off year. So they decided to go to Philadephia PA, and stop at a dude ranch on the way. LOL, not sure they know it but it is 13 hour drive from Alabama to Penn. But with that said, was wondering if anyone could help with ideas, scout friendly places, events, during the summer, in Philadephia, or on the way from Alabama to Penn. Call in an net trip planning,


Thanks in advance


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Go for a hike in the Wissahickon Valley section of Fairmount Park. Hard to believe it's right in the middle of a city. Free.


Art Museum - Free on Sundays before 11:00 am. I don't care for the modern stuff but they have a great mediaeval collection including armor, weapons, etc. Take a walk down the Parkway or a walk up the Schuylkill to Boathouse Row afterward.


U.S. Mint - No cameras allowed, could be difficult with a group of scouts.

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It may be redundant, but if you are going to Philly, there is the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall and all that.


Then there is Valley Forge and while not "in" Phildelphia, if you are coming from Alabama to Philly this is not problem.


For not the run of the mill ideas there is the Mutter Museum, although you should research its inventory versus your units sensibilities



And then there is nothing more Philly than the Mummers Parade on New Years Day, you can visit the Mummers Museum http://www.mummersmuseum.com/home.html


Then go get a Philly Steak Sandwhich, one from Geno's http://www.genosteaks.com/


and then walk across the street and get one from Pat's http://www.patskingofsteaks.com/


Catch a Phiiles game and you should be pretty much Phillie-ized(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)(This message has been edited by oldgreyeagle)

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Since you've come so far, I cannot recommend enough a day at Gettybsurg. You can literally fell the history. Hire a guide and follow the Billy Yank trial (9-10 miles) along the battlefield that was so pivotal to our nation. Feel free to refer to it as the War of Northern Aggression. Both sides are well represented there.


You might want to get a video called Drive Through History (it's on Netflix) The historial is a little nuts and appeals to younger viewers. His only mistake was going to Pat's Steaks instead of Geno's (across the street)


If you have the time, a 75 mile drive to Baltimore will get you a great tour of Fort McHenry where our Banner yet waves. Francis Scott Key penned the words to our National Anthem about a mile from where I'm sitting at my office right now.


Sounds like it will be a great trip. BTW, I know of a good cabin owned by a troop in Gettysburg if you need. PM me.

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First, join International Hostels (ustabe Youth Hostels:: http://www.hiusa.org/ You can join individually or as a group.


There are hostels in Washington DC, Baltimore, Phily, Sandy Hook MD(they call it Harpers Ferry since it is directly across the river from there). If you are persistant, you can find campgrounds near Gettysburg that will accept your IH membership for discounts.


Inexpensive, clean, well managed acomodations. Share in the upkeep and cleaning while you are there. Ask the hostel folks about eating places for many many hungry Scouts!

Second, this calls for LOTS of advanced planning, and LOTS of elastic in the schedule. Hard to see everything on the way or in the way.


Washington DC: IH Hostel. The usual suspects: Make appointment to visit with your Congressman ((do NOT take Pocket knives to the capitol!), Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, MLK Memorial, etc. Avoid the Spy Museum, interesting expensive fun, but underline expensive.

Camp William B. Snyder is 20 miles outside DC on I66, Scout camping. Nice, woodsy. http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org/camp-william-b-snyder/general-information/16565


Baltimore: IH Hostel. Or, Stay overnight aboard the USS Constellation (2nd oldest Naval vessel afloat)http://www.historicships.org/overnight_adventures.html. Walk to Ft. McHenry, about an 1 1/2 hour walk from inner harbor. B&O Railroad Museum, BIG model trains... See Flag House too.

Batimore Area Council Broad Creek Reservation, http://www.broadcreekbsa.org/ Scout camping, on the way to Phily off USrt1 .


Philly: IH Hostel. Usual suspects. Liberty Bell, Freedom Hall, Ben Franklin's House, etc. Who is that perched on the top of the State Capitol? Run up Rocky's steps. USS Olympia on the river.


This is the kind of (traveling) Summer Camp that can really be rewarding. Consider travel on the Great Smokies, Blue Ridge Parkway. Slow driving, but history and scenery and camping along the way.


Have fun, keep safe.

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I wouldn't be surprised if you drive right past the US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte. Pretty cool man-made ww run, flat water canoeing, zip lines, climbing, mountain biking. I don't think they do camping (or if you're planning to camp along the way at all) but there are a couple Scout camps in the area which could accommodate you.

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One caveat about the camp listed above, the fire alarm.


Our Crew stayed at a Hostel in Fairmount Park and the girls loved it. You could also schedule an overnighter on the USS New Jersey across the river in Camden, NJ.

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