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American Heritage Girls question

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I pulled this from the page AHG MOM posted, but was under the tab Boy Scout Stuff. I think I most object to teh term "brother Council" as it implies a closer relationship than the MMU seems to. I wonder if the brother councils know they've got sisters?



Boy Scout Stuff

AHG is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America through the 2009 Memorandum of Mutual Support. This provides numerous opportunities.


Our brother Councils include:

National Capital Area Council

Shenandoah Area Council

Heart of Virginia Area Council


Opportunities include:

Summer Camps

Training (NCAC for now)

Find a Roundtable near you

PowWow (Pathfinder-Explorer Leader Training)

University of Scouting (All Leader Levels)

Wood Badge (The Lunatic Fringe of Scouting!)



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Oh so these folks were selected by the AHG to work with the local BSA council......Not the other way around. So it is pretty meaningless still.



Far as the pregnancy thing......Just what the BSA camps need is a bunch of girls running around it. The boys are entirely different animals when the gals aren't around......

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"Far as the pregnancy thing......Just what the BSA camps need is a bunch of girls running around it. The boys are entirely different animals when the gals aren't around......"


*** What did I just miss there? Does this have something to do with GS or AHG?







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If camp is co-ed, can you allow the kids to ever be unsupervised? which is a big part of camp for Boy Scouts.


I really hope AHG is planning on having girl-week while using the same staff and program.

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My daughter attended a camp near St Louis (BSA) as a member of AHG. She was with only girls but instruction was done by the scouts running the camp. It was a great week. The girls stayed with the girls and there were no boys other than the instructors. I think they are planning for their fourth year for this camp in 2013.

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You guys have heard of the Venturing Program? Venturing is Coed, in case anyone didnt know


When I was at Philmont last July, there were Coed Crews on Treks and I didnt walk in on any orgies. Did you know Philmont allows Co-ed Crews? As well as Northern Tier and Sea Base and I suspect The SUmmitt as well?


Why do we act like Co-ed is so dangerous?

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Co-ed youth programs?


I have worked with community based youth programs, church based youth programs, and BSA based youth programs (Venturing) for 40+ years and I have yet to have had a problem with the co-ed issue. Maybe I'm just lucky, or maybe the issue isn't as big a problem as people seem to think.


Yes, there can be problems and I'm sure the media and grapevine has all those logged for the boogie-man discussions that follow. I have seen poorly supervised outings in the public school program that are far worse than anything on my watch.


So is one only is dealing with the upper-crust of youth??? Nope, my experiences range from institutional juvenile delinquents to BSA/religious based youth programs.


I guess I don't have a problem with the AHG/BSA cooperation, because Venturing is already in place paving the way for an extended program. As a father of 2 girls, I can attest that they care capable of handling the BSA program far better than most would give them credit for.



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The issue isn't really about co-ed so much as it is about seemingly limited resources. You build this program that suits a large segment of a target population (this applies more to cubs than older youth), it's a huge draw. Judging by smiles on faces, participants asking to return next year, etc ... it's a tremendous success. So much so that demand rises from outside your target population. You're really not asking yourself "Are they allowed?", "Will the kids mix okay?", "Do the adults share similar values?". Chances are you've answered those questions (or in the case of the OP, someone's answered them for you. The real question is:


"How can we possibly have room for more?"




"Is my originally-targeted group gonna get crowded out?"


This happens a lot in the crew-troop-partnership scenario. We have to be careful about how it trickles down to the youth. Because both of those questions, no matter how respectfully adults try to word them, seem to get translated by the teenage brain as "I don't fit in." or "Bringing my buddies on [starting a new adventure, doing x] will just cause trouble."


Just something for y'all to think about as you have these kinds of conversations.

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