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Fellow Scouters,


Only a few years back, I enjoyed reading and participating with other online Scouters, flipping thru the Scouting catalog. Sometimes the staged photos would have uniforming or G2SS errors, and other times the photos were just humorous.


This is just for the irony and humor of it, but I was flipping thru the online pages of New Items, from Scout Stuff.


Most things were nice, some things I thought "Really?!". But.......


I don't know who would spend $1799.99 to bring a solar generator out camping. I know Scouts/Scouters are more connected than before, but seriously?


And thank goodness, the G2SS allows married couples to share the same quarters, otherwise I don't think the double hammock would be a good sale.


Good items, but I laughed wondering why BSA is even selling them.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)

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re. the double hammock


Having gotten into hammock camping lately, I will say I use a Double Hammock. This only means that the hammock is wider and is capable of supporting more weight. Seeing a lot of the Scouters this is important. (looking at myself here). The extra width also allows one to get a more diagonal lay, which allows one to lay flatter.

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And apparently, the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit is so popular, it's on backorder! They're all sold out until Feb. 15. (Or maybe BSA Supply didn't want to actually shell out for any until someone actually ordered one, and/or the company that makes them is building only to fill orders, with no inventory.)


I also was wondering about the statement that you can operate one of these things "inside the house, cabin or tent." Um, doesn't the thing need sunlight? But I guess the solar panels are separate units that sit on the roof (of the tent???) and feed into the generator with a wire? You can tell I don't actually know how solar power works. There are these panels that collect sunlight and somehow that is used to generate electricity, but how that works is not in my field. I guess this machine that looks like a photocopier is involved somehow.


It does seem incongruous in a Scouting catalog. Especially for the crowd that inhabits this forum, where most people think a night spent in an unheated cabin when its minus-5 degrees outside does not count as "camping."

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They are probably on back order because of recent natural disasters..Units like these are not designed for average everyday casual users. I am interested in a small unit because I require a CPAP Machine to be able to sleep. I need a quite machine to sit outside my tent and run my CPAP..I could get a noisy loud gas one and ruin camping for every within a mile


They can be run indoors because they are electric..yea the solar panels are outside and must have Enough light..


Where would most people use these would be like Summer Camps. Where they have lots of Food that could spoil and need refrigeration.


Myself I would like to also have a Large enough system to live comfortable for a long time if a Natural disaster came through town..I was here in Wichita Falls in 1979 when our Big Tornado came through...I can tell ya, one of those would have been fantastic..Was not much left standing in areas to block sun light for a long long time afterwards...And Fuel was mighty hard to find for a few days, so a gasoline generator was not useful a whole lot

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While looking for some "old" items I did a search for "commissioner", and the website only returned six items, commissioner message pens, National Commissioner Emblem, Regional Commissioner Emblem, Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service, Knots of Recognition(which includes the Distinguished Commissioner Award Knot), and the Handbook for District Operations.


Something is very wrong with scoutstuff.org

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I would love to have a system like this to run my CPAP machine...Maybe a few Camp Lights..Charge a few Cell phones..Camera and Video Camera also...


But That price and System is Kinda Over Kill..just for Camping..



I am trying to Get our Local Council to install a System to go Solar at our Scout Camp...We Got Plenty of Land and Sun..There is a Company that does Non Profit Installs if you don't want to buy a System..You Agree to buy Electricity from them at about 1 cent per kilowatt used...They Sell the rest to power Company..

I really believe we should buy and Sell our own overage..We could pay for a System in No time i suspect.


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Before anybody shells out $1799 for the "generator", I suspect that it can't provide anywhere near 1250 watts on an ongoing basis. It appears to be a very good inverter, a largish storage battery, and the panels. The _inverter_ can provide a maximum of 1200 watts. So if the battery is fully charged, it will indeed run something that draws 10 amps.


There aren't any other specs given (not even the size), but based on the apparent size of the solar panels, they put out considerably less than 1200 watts.


So if you only need to run your power tools for a few minutes after a long sunny day, then this thing will probably do the job. But for most outdoor applications (or even for most home applications), it doesn't seem very practical.

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