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Need help finding Troop

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Hi guys,


Need help finding a Troop for my grandson in Ft. Worth, TX. I have tried calling and emailing the DE down there but no response. I believe he will be in the Trailblazer District as his zip is 76244.


He will be looking for a boy led Troop. He is a First Class Scout. Does not want an Eagle mill as he is already 16 (17 in Feb). He is transferring from YUCCA Council in El Paso.


Thanks in advance,



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You can get a "general list" of Troops in the area by using the BeAScout.org web site.


As far as finding one that is youth-led, experience says that unless you visit and see it in action, it ain't there. So that would be my suggestion.


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I recommend that families always visit three or more troops, to find the one that fits.

We have many families that drive by 12 other troops to come to ours, just as conversely, neighbor kids drive just as far to go to others. It's all about the fit, and the philosophy of,the unit.

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