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Like OMG Carly Rae Jepsen and Train at Bechtel

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Youth know what they like in music.


old timer who played Over the rainbow on a saw.

He went over far better than the Young Osmond's.


2013 (Schiff predicts)

the same old timer plays Over the rainbow on a saw.

He goes over far better than Justin Bieber. :)

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I had never heard of Carly Rae Jepsen until I read this thread.


I have heard of Train, and I remember my oldest daughter (now 30) listening to them when she was a teenager. I looked them up on Wikipedia and they had their first big hit ("Meet Virginia") in 1998, which fits into my recollection correctly. They had another big hit in 2009 ("Hey Soul Sister") which I probably heard at a robotics event when my son was in high school. They probably had a few hits in between, but I don't know them. I guess my knowledge of music since the late 80s is limited mostly to what I have overheard my children and their friends listening to, so it is kind of sporadic and dependent on the tastes of those particular kids.


Train's music is difficult to describe, especially since I can only identify two of their songs. I remember the first one was kind of folky, in a quirky kind of way. Their second song is kind of pop-like, but also quirky. They are not a "hard rock" group, but I do seem to remember seeing them on a tv show when they were first popular, doing "My Generation." (Did someone mention The Who?)

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I'll be on staff the second week, so I guess I'll never find out who Carly Rae Jepsen is. But I guess this will be my big chance to see Train.


Bob Hope was at the 1973 Jamboree (at least in Idaho, which is the one I attended). I remember being a little bit surprised, since he was already what I considered to be "very old" at the time. But he was a big hit with the rest of the scouts in my troop.


The only thing I remember about the actual show was that there was a stern warning the flash photography was not allowed. When the show started, flashes were going off everywhere. I suspect this was a Jamboree urban legend, but I heard reports that people were working the audience handing out free flash cubes in order to add to the spectacle.

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Flashcube? OMG, is that a term I havent seen for a long time or what?


Anyway, at the People Choice Award Show a few weeks back both Carly Rae and Train were nominated for awards in something or other. Neither won, but I took it encouraging that these are performers popular enough to be nominated.


Eamonn is right about the 2001 Jamboree, the old man on the Saw absolutley killed with somewhere over the rainbow. "The Osmonds: Next Generation" was pretty much a flop, just what a bunch of teen age boys want, a boy band. Three of Hearts was OK until that comment on modes of transportation around camp



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1973, PA, Moraine State Park. I do remember Danny Thomas appearing, and thinking that his speech was very odd. He talked a lot about discipline, from what I recall, and how tough he was with his kids.


Musically, I don't recall, other than watching a Scout band at what must have been a subcamp show one morning. I was a new band kid myself, so I remember thinking how great it would be to be up on stage. Didn't pursue it for the '77 Jamboree.


However, just a couple of years ago, I did some searching online, and found out that applications for the 2013 Jamboree band were due imminently. Told my 15-yr-ld band kid about it, he applied and was accepted. He's very excited about that -- he was at the 2010 jamboree, and is looking forward to seeing the Jamboree from a different vantage point.


Carly Rae and Train? Honestly, I think they're hitting the wrong demographic for both.



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Has anyone heard whether the one-hit wonder and old farts plan to play at Jamboree now? They had cancelled when they found out (for the first time, I'm sure) that BSA didn't allow homosexuals and cancelled contingent on The Vote.


If old-timers like Train are on the table, I think they should get David Bowie, he's got a new album to promote. Plus: he was gay, then he wasn't, so, perfect role model, right? :p

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Looks like 3 Doors Down took the PR gamble. Of course jambolive.org was contractually obligated not to stream the concert, but when the stream cut back in the boys were chanting "encore" so I guess they enjoyed the show.

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