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Materials to help encourage church to start a charter?

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What Neal said....


Best if you have the Scout Leaders lined up already, members of the church. The Scout connection needs to be there for it to "take". All the brochures and mini Boys' Lifes and showing camp videos won't help if the candidate CO doesn't see the value of sponsoring a Scout unit.

If the IH of the institution is in favor of the idea, he/she may know of some adults that can be motivated to help in the unit founding.

Check with your DE or DC, they should/might be aware of the Scout propaganda available locally. Show the latest camp DVD about the CSDC and Council camp. Bring along acouple of present Scouts as "visual aides" , have them speak of the fun and excitement of Scouting. Bring an assortment of Scout manuals to peruse. And, if this is a House of Faith, bring along info about the Religious Awards appropriate to that faith. Explain that these are written and overseen by leaders of that faith and not the BSA, that the BSA only approves the awards for BSA members to wear.


After they say "gee, that sounds great. Let's do 'er!", then start talking about expenses and forms to fill out, and training to take, and criminal background checks, and stuff...

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There was a mini flip chart called "selling venturing". It had a page of talking points for different target audiences (including prospective COs).


I have no idea how to find it.


Not sure if there's something for packs and troops.

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