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Succesful Recruiting Night

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As district membership chair, I helped our District Executive in organizing an area recruiting event at a local library. I was surprised at the turnout of twelve families, which I thought was excellent for the middle of December!


Apparently the DE has organized a couple of other area recruiting nights which he didn;t tell me about, and the attendance at these was poor.


For this one, the DE had a yard sign campaign along some major arterials. He had nine schools deliver leaflets to be taken home by students at elementary schools.


He did "stickering" of meeting announcements at two elementary schools, and I did the same at two others (Friday and Monday). In addition I was at another elementary school last Thursday and handed out some stickers there.


Only one completely paid application, but nine other families completed and signed applications and they will be invited to den and pack activities at a couple of differents packs after the holidays.


In addition, one 5th grader who turned eleven and is eligible to join Boy Scouts now.



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Sounds like a great night. We have a hard time getting into schools. Odd for being in the south. It's all administration.


We recruit mainly by word of mouth, bring a friend night, and one supportive Cub Pack. And younger brothers. Lots and lots of younger brothers!


I used to shudder at the thought of 50+ in the troop. Not anymore. Bigger may not be better, but it allows a certain level of greater opportunity you might not otherwise have.


Of the 12 families you met, what percentage do you think you'll see again?

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