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eagle project grants

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I am posting this under "open discussion" in the hopes that more people will see it.


Only in October did I become aware that Lowe's had provided a grant to support eagle projects. The grant is in the form of gift cards that have been distributed to local councils, for distribution in turn to aspiring eagle scouts. The idea is to provide financial support for projects requiring the purchase of construction materials such as paint, lumber, concrete mix, fasteners, etc. While Lowe's has funded this, it is not required that the money be spent at Lowe's.


These gift cards expire on December 31, 2012. It is not too late for an aspiring eagle that you may know to obtain one of these gift cards. There is some paperwork involved. The project has to be fully approved. I have been handing out the paperwork to scouts coming before me for district level project approval since I learned of this. I apologize for not posting this earlier.


If you know of a scout who could benefit from this, tip him off and have him call your council office. Our council received 40 of the cards in August and only a few have been distributed so far. There is still time. The link below is to a page on the national council web site that provides some additional information.



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Unfortunately, I was told that the project would need to be completed by the end of the year. That's only 1 month.

I'm sure this stipulation is so that Lowe's can write it off on their 2012 taxes.


I only found out about this program in August. Why did it take so long for the info to get to units? Our council hasn't given out a bunch. Too bad.(This message has been edited by zscout5)

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The money has to be spent by December 31 and a completed project work book turned in to the council by January 31 so that a report can be submitted to Lowe's. I am sure that Lowe's has already taken credit for the grant. If all the cards are not used and are not usable after December 31, then Lowe's would have to reverse some of their deduction in 2013. So Lowe's gets a permanent benefit for the cards actually used and a temporary benefit for any cards turned back in.


I am assuming that some level of accountability enters into all this.


The important point remains that there is a very narrow opening for people to take advantage of this.

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Hmm, I've been to Eagle mentor training and two Life to Eagle seminars in the last 4 months and have never heard of this. Also there is no mention of this on my council's website. Maybe I'll call council tomorrow and see if I can get any info. Too bad I'm just hearing about this now, just had a Scout finish a project at the local nature center, he could have used some lumber from Lowes.(This message has been edited by Eagle732)

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To qualify for a Lowe's National Eagle Scout Project Impact grant, the individual must

Be a registered Life Scout.

Complete and submit to your local council the Lowe's grant application .



For any questions, please email lowes.grant@scouting.org or call 972-580-2185.

Basic Rules cut and paste from Application

Submit this application and agreement, along with the completed pages 6 through 10 from your Eagle

Scout Service Project Workbook, to your local council for grant consideration.

The Agreement

I, the Eagle Scout candidate, hereby agree that I have an approved Eagle Scout service project. I will

display the Lowes National Eagle Scout Project Impact grant sign given to me by my council. I

understand that I must use my Lowes National Eagle Scout Project Impact grant toward my Eagle

Scout project and submit a copy of my completed Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to the local

council before Dec. 31, 2012. My submission must include three to five before and after pictures (high

resolution electronic or printed color copies) and receipts totaling at least $100.

Be sure the Eagle Scout service project has all approvals before the work begins.

Use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook to document the results of the service project. Make photographs and all documentation available to the BSA for sharing with Lowe's.

Things You Should Know

If you plan to spend your gift card at a Lowe's location, you should consider speaking with the local store manager when you arrive. This will help Lowe's track how well the program is being received.

Document your project with "before" and "after" photographs. Be sure photographs show how the materials and equipment purchased with the gift card were used for your service project.



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I'm sorry, too.

One of my scouts was the first scout in our Council to be awarded this grant. We were informed of it in early summer. So far, I have had three scouts apply and get these grants.

I should have made note of this. I was unaware it was a national program.

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In a conversation with our council program director Thursday evening, he said that the council received the cards only in August. I don't know when this thing was developed at the national level, but there clearly has been a failure to get the word out up and down the chain of command.

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