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Christmas present ideas

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Don't know how original these ideas are but here is some I did over the years.


Stocking stuffers - hand warmer packs, (Eastern Mountain had ideas over the years like) animal track cards, straps (to tie to backpacks), stuff sacks, pocket knifes


Larger gifts have been normal stuff like sleeping bags, backpack tents, backpack stoves, water purifiers

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"scouts" oriented


Well, you want to get your boy oriented? Get him a nice compass!


If the boy is a little older. A map set of his favorite hiking areas might be a good investment.


A lightweight multi-tool is a great idea for hikers. Or a pen knife.


Some of our boys are really proud of their one-man tents.


Whatever you get, engrave or otherwise label it with his name.

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It is too late for you for this year, but each Christmas, I give a 8 x 10 picture to each 1st yr. scout that went on the Northern Ontario trip with me, during the summer. Sometime it is a group picture, but usually it is an individual picture of the scout playing in a waterfall, etc. Sometime I get a real good picture of the scout with his father. On the picture, I put in the writting "Scouting, enjoy the journey".


The scouts do not know they are getting the picture. I wrap them up, and have another scout leader deliver them to the scouts at the last troop meeting, before Christmas. I spent the winters in Florida, so I can not hand them out myself. Several scouts (and several dads) told me, it was the best present!

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I scout some of the military surplus sites and have got some good ideas there. Boys tend to get a lot of stuff at first and pare down to the good (and costlier) basics as they progress and physically grow.


Hard to go wrong with a knife or multi-tool. Compass is good. If it is a big gift maybe one of the "big 3" - sleeping bag, backpack, or tent. I got my boy some military type poly long johns one year and that was pretty popular as was an old UK style camo jacket. They always seem to go on the trips as well as an (expensive)Hennesy Hammock.


Stuff sacks and animal cards are great ideas. They may need to get them anyway. I would go for a simpler and better quality knife. Note if your boys is a lefty--mine is and he has a hard time with a think swiss type knife. A knife with something that makes it easy to get the blade out may get used more.

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SM uses the opportunity to upgrade something for his son -- a lighter-weight sleeping bag or tent, a backpacking stove, etc. Last year, I gave my sons "stocking stuffers" consisting of small things for their survival kits. Haven't thought much about this year yet.



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Is you son likely to ever attend a high adventure base? Philmont, Northern Tier, Sea Base, Bethel.


Each of those require you to pare down your gear to small, lightweight, essential. A good knife, a good water bottle, a good compass, a lightweight sleeping bag that compresses significantly, a thermorest, a good rain jacket, a small LED headlight, sock liners, wicking T-shirts, 50 ft of 1/8 braided nylon cord.


I have and use the backpack I took to Philmont in 1976. Still have the water bottle. My son went to Philmont last summer and the only thing he bought was a new thermorest and new boots. All the other gear he had been graduly upgrading over the last 5 years. Sure helped lower the total overall cost.


Similarly went he went to Northern Tier he had to buy differnt boots and a waterproof stuff sack.


Buy good quality essential gear. It makes camping so much easier and lasts for years.

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Extra scout socks

Extra uniform shirt

Nice leather belt http://www.newcreationleathercraft.com/boy_scouts.htm

A campaign hat

Some really nice hiking boots

A nice backpack

A top of the line thermarest pad

A top of the line down sleeping bag

A leatherman wave multitool

1000' of paracord

A red wool scout jack-shirt (ebay has them all the time)

Make him a really nice hiking stick.

A sterling silver eagle medal from yonder days on ebay for him to receive one day in the future (do this anyway and stash it)

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Good stuff, especially like BSA24's idea of an old-school Eagle medal.


Made of sterling silver till '80 or so, the old medals can be picked up quite reasonably on ebay these days. Seems many come and go without a single bid.


A cool and unique way to pass on scouting heritage.

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Tampa Turtle -


What kind of knife did you get for your lefty? My 13 year old is my only lefty and he's about ready for a good knife.


As for other gifts, depending on your climate -


fingerless gloves

scout belt

homemade fire starter kit

cook kit

headlight lantern

hanging lantern for tent

attachable reading light (my youngest even reads in his sleeping bag)



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