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A year ago I was lucky enough to trek Phlmont with a great bunch of guys. Most of the fellows on the trek were from our own troop and you probably know who they were. Maybe you don't know that we also hosted two fellows from another troop on the east side of town. These two fellows were sorta poor and they didn't have a lot of fancy gear. Their troop didn't camp as much as we do and in fact they had not been backpacking much at all. Some of the fellows in our troop didn't think much of their Scout skills. These two fellows were slow on the trail, they had trouble rigging their tents, they couldn't seem to dry their gear after a rainstorm. Basic stuff. Some kind of Scouts, huh?


Last week one of these fellows was awarded the Medal of Merit by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He had used his Scout first aid skills to save someone's life after a car accident. This guy may never be best hiker. But it doesn't matter; he had saved a life. Because he was a Scout and he was prepared.


Think about it.


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