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I spun this from Beavah's minimum requirements thread. I have had these thoughts in my mind for a couple of weeks, but that thread was the catalist which allowed me to bring it together. I am less intereseted in what you think, but I am looking for some ideas to make this better. Please offer your advice....

When you look at the requirements for your next rank or a merit badge in which you may be interested, what do you look for? Do you look for the easiest way to finish it off? What if you know you can do better than what is easiest? Do you do better?

If you play for a soccer team and you score a goal, would you quit playing and say I did my part. If you were the goalie would you walk away after stopping the ball 10 times? 15? 20?

If you came upon an accident and someone was bleeding, would you help bandage his or her injury and then leave, because you had done your jobyour daily good turn?

If you are a Tenderfoot scout working toward Second Class, you must participate in a service project taking at least 1 hour. If you had the chance to work on a project for 3 hours would you do it? What if it lasted 6 or even 10 hours?

You see, being a scout is not about doing the least you can do or meeting the minimum requirements. It is about doing what is right, and then doing more. Doing a good turn daily is not about counting when your last good turn was before you act. It is about acting, without counting how many you time good deeds you have done. That is doing your best.

Many of you recently attended Jasons Eagle Court of Honor. Do you think he earned Eagle by doing the minimum required, or do you think he did more? I think he did his best.

What will you accomplish this week: will you put your effort into figuring out the minimum you can get away with, or will you strive to do more than is expected of you?

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