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This is based on something that happened to me about 6 months ago. I wrote it up and used it as a SM minute. Though some of the specifics apply to our troop, and my situation, feel free to insert your own experiences:



I was in the break room at work the other day when I ran into one of the managers who is a friend of mine. He was a member of Troop 3 and is, in fact, in the Eagles nest, right over there. He earned his Eagle in 1975, and I was telling him about our recent 100th Eagle Scout on that board. Keith was suitably impressed, but what he really wanted to know was to what patrol did he belong?


You see scouting is really not about troops, it is about patrols. All of his most important memories were centered around activities which he did as a member of his patrol. He was in the Warrior patrol, by the way. And you could almost detect a bit of disappointment in his voice when he heard there was no longer a Warrior patrol in the troop.


To what patrol does each of you belong? (Wait for reply) Your patrol is your family, your brotherhood. Keith left scouting 30 years ago, but he still has pride in his patrol. In the year 2040, will you remember so vividly which patrol you were in? And what you did as a patrol? Will you recall who the other members of your patrol were?


When I was a scout, I was in the Beaver patrol, and I still remember all the members of my patrol: Rick, Gil, Steve, Phillip, Jim and Ty. We all lived within a few blocks of each other, and we used to all carpool together to the meetings. We won top patrol at the council encampment the year I was patrol leader, as well as at the camporee the year before I was PL and the year after.


Lets vow to renew our patrol spirit. I want you to work hard to be the best member of you patrol that you can. Thirty years from now, I want you to be proud to say you were a member ofwhat patrol?


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I had taken Woodbadge when I was crossing over from CS to BS.


One of the new Scouts in my sons NSP, must have noticed the "Buffalo" patch on my shoulder at a meeting when they were picking out the 1st Patrol name.


Once they found out they could not get any Star Wars characters on a Patrol patch from the Scout store (I showed them the list of standard patches available), and one Scout said to the group of Scouts, "what about the Bison Patrol" that they picked one out.


The other Scouts in the NSP liked it. And quickly came up with a yell, "Storm the West!".


It wasn't until after another adult Scouter mentioned my "Bison patch"....that I realized they must have seen it.


Sadly, that Scout decided to pursue other interests after CS and 2 years of BS. The Bison Patrol is still solid, and now holds most of the Troop POR's. I wonder how long they will last?

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