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Looking for Webelos visit SM Minute

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Can anyone offer a good SM Minute for a Webelos visit? We will have about 15-20 Webelos visiting our troop Monday from 3 different packs. The PLCs theme is Cooking and they have chosen not to break from the planned program, but to divide the Webelos to our exisiting patrols who will work to cook samples of breakfast items.


Respectfully, at least 2 of the visiting den leaders are personal friends who are active ASMs in 2 other troops, so I don't want anything which will be inflamatory to them, but I would like something which may appeal to the webelos and the parents. Any ideas?


We always close with the circle and the SM benediction.

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There is a SM minute about what backs a Dollar bill( the trust we put in the credit of the Government that backs it) and the trust we put in the various Rank Badges( that the Scout ACTUALLY did the work and KNOWS what the badges says the Scout knows.


We had some visiting Webelos on the night I used it(thank you again whomever provided it)and both they and their parents thought it was really good.

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