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In the last few months, I've become SM, and started going minutes. We never did them before, and theyre one of the 'neat things' I remember as a scout. i started with a lot of the classics, or some good ones I found around the web (wear your labels, etc). But lately (in managing some troop-wide behaviour issues) I've been doing them more along the lines of "what's the 5th part of the scout law, and what does it mean?" kind of items. Last night, I did a bit about the SPL. Here it is, as best I can recall.



Who can tell me why Sam here is SPL?


[various murmurs of 'he's cool', etc, until one scout said 'we elected him']


Right, you elected him. Where did he come from? Did we order him from the SPL factory? Did aliens beam him down to lead the troop? Did he transfer in from another troop where he was already an SPL?


[more murmurs, until one scout said 'he was a scout like me'.]


Exactly, he was a scout just like you. For the last two years Sam was guide to the New Scout patrol, and did a great job at it. Before that, he was an APL, just like some of you guys. Before that, he was Second Class, Tenderfoot, Scout, Weeb Crossover, just like you.


He's been trying different ways to get the talking down, to get you to line up smoothly, and move the program along at a good pace every Tuesday. Sam here is a Scout just like you, and, before you know it, some of you will be up here, trying to get the rest of you to stop talking out of turn. Treat Sam the way you want to be treated, because in a few months, one of you is going to be up here, as frustrated as he is with the talking and lack of cooperation.

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