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Oh my goodness! They actually got it

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Our SM was out of town this week so I, as one of several ASMs in attendance, got "volunteered" at the last second to do the Scoutmaster Minute. I popped out something off the top of my head, and lo and behold, the Scouts actually listened and "got it". Here's a cut'n'paste from the Scribes' Troop Meeting Minutes...


------ begin Cut'n'paste ------------------


Mr. K mentioned something for the scout masters minute. On the spot he came up with, "Would you guys like to wear your uniform to school one day?"


Many scouts shouted out and screamed, "NO!!"


"Why not?" said Mr. K


"We don't want to be teased." replied the scouts.


"Well then you know what it is like when you tease the other scouts in this troop."


Great speech Mr. K. Very on the spot.


------ end Cut'n'paste ------------------

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