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Scouter.com webhosting problems

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Is anyone else having problems trying to upload changes to your website being hosted at scouter.com?


After I log in I get the following message:


Microsoft VBScript runtime error ''800a004c''


Path not found


/hosting/webaccount.asp, line 220




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I am having the same problem -

here is the message I am getting:


Server object error ''ASP 0177 : 800401f3''


Server.CreateObject Failed


/hosting/add_files.asp, line 98





I wish I would have known I was going to have a problem uploading changes BEFORE I went and deleted all the old files off the server :(


Now our Troop isn''t going to have a website at all until Scouter.com hosting can iron out the problems. :(

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Our Pack established a website through Scouter.com several years ago

it has not been updated for some time, Much has changed. The former

webmaster is no longer in the program and cannot be contacted. All

of the Pack leadership has changed so no one has the logon/password

for the site.


Who do we contact to get the logon reset ??



Pack 128, North Florida

Comittee Chairman

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