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Pack/Troop tracking software

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Type slower Basement....;)


I know you can set settings for individuals to see certain things, but that seems to take out whole tabs at the top for people, not just reports.


So what exactly did he say you could do and where? We can hide addresses and phone numbers and email addresses how? when my CC emailed he did not get that kind of answer. so what question did you ask? :D

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To do this you will need to reconfigure the Scout and Adult user roles. This process is described in our User Guide here: http://www.troopwebhost.org/help.aspx?ID=200

For the Scout role, you need to uncheck the task named "_Scout" and check the specific tasks you want all scouts to have.

For the Adult role, you need to uncheck the task named "_Adult" and check the specific tasks you want all adults to have.

In both cases, do not include the task "View Membership Information" if you want to prevent them from seeing the troop directories.

Please let us know if you have any further questions about this. We'll be glad to help.


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ok, so to unclick the default scout user role, we'd then have to click which items all scouts should be able to do. Going thru the list, having used the TWHost for a while, which items are most likely for scouts to use? most of the items seem to be adult options, or scouts in specific leadership positions.


Now if you don't click the view membership option, doesn't that mean they can't view any member data? That doesn't just hide some info, it hides all info about the scouts and leaders? We just want SOME reports or some data fields hidden from the member data reports, not all the data hidden. know what I mean?

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has anyone found anything capable of sending SMS alerts out to Scouts? Scouts' date=' as most of you know, don't read e-mail but they will look at texts. We also want something that parents can use to import into their personal calendars (e.g. Google). [/quote']



Troop webhost can send out SMS alerts, but you need to know the cell phone carrier of the person. Not sure about the calender issue.

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thanks everyone. We're currently using ScoutLander and am evaluating alternatives. the three that have risen to the top are TroopWebHost ($99) and ScoutSpirit (Free). I'm a bit leery of ScoutSpirit given that it's free (how do they support their efforts? Has anyone used it?


Also, TroopTrack looks interesting but they provide little info on their web site and they want you to sign up for a live demo. Has anyone used it as well?



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