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Unit calendar/website combo

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Currently our unit uses Scoutlaner strictly for the calendar function with reminders. What we like about this is the roles-based reminders; i.e., each den leader can set up meetings and reminders go ONLY to the den. Or we can set meetings up for just leaders, or the entire pack.


The drawback is that Scoutlander is difficult to navigate, a bit slow, and not good for things like photos, docs, etc.


We would like to have one site that does more and costs nothing.


We have looked at:


-All kinds of other Scout-specific sites (Scoutmanage, Scout Track, etc.)--none offer any advantage b/c we don't need the advancement stuff.


-Google calendars. Super-easy to use, but does not (or does not appear to) support different groups and roles unless everyone has a gmail address, which not everyone does.


-Blogs (wordpress, blogspot, etc.). Appears we can only embed another calendar in there, but this looks to be a good option for providing photos, links, forms, etc. if we can do it.


Wish list:


1. Roles-based calendar like we have with Scoutlander

2. Email reminders to any email address we set up

3. Ability to put photos, embed docs/google docs, forms, etc.





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Google Groups looks promising.

I've been wanting to play with it more, just haven't had time.

My "wants" are similar to yours, except I also want

file sharing.... which google offers with Drive


Oh, and I'm fairly sure that there are ways to work around the requirement you seem to have found that gmail addresses are needed.

If push came to shove I cold even imagine setting up a free gmail address for everyone that doesn't have one, and then setting up a forward mail to their active address.....I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to go that far though.


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Troopwebhost works fine (for the most part) on iphones, anyway. There are a few quirks with it, but most of what I need to do during meetings can be done on the phone. We moved to Troopwebhost about a year and a half ago, and I'm pretty happy with it.

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