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Site still compromised?

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I'm still getting redirected to a variety of strange sites when trying to use Scouter.com. I can click on some threads and do just fine, but other times I'm still redirected to other sites.


Over the weekend, I picked up a virus here which shut down my computer. I was able to remove it and had an IT buddy of mine run some of his hot-shot AV software. He thinks I'm clean.


Are the problems still on the site or do I have a problem with my computer.


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site is running fine.


I use Avast free virus software.


look up combofix......it is a free malware antivirus scanner.......The offer has a link to donate if you use it and it works, I encourage you to do so.


the official site for combofix it is free




I use it and recommend it. It is not as flashy as nortons, or the others but it does the job.


Far as hotshot IT guys, the truly gifted are few and far between. they all know their jobs or little tiny slice of the pie but get them out of that forget about it.


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