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I am interested in building a members only forum for our troop website. I would like to set up something with the same look and feel of the SCOUTER Forums but it needs to be something somewhat easy to build and maintain.


Any ideas of not too expensive forum software that is not too difficult for people who are not highly computer literate? We are currently using Google Sites for our website and Google Groups for our discussion board. Google groups just does not work for what we are trying to do. A former Adult member of our troop suggested Concrete 5 but it seems a little over our heads and we are not particularly interested in redoing our whole web site right now, just want to add the forum. Maybe a stand alone forum that we could just link to from our site or if there is something compatible with Google Sites other than Google Groups. We really like the way the SCOUTER Forums work.


Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas?

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Most forum software requires that you have a web server on which you can install their product. Since you are using Google Sites for your web site (a good choice, I might add) you don't have that server at your disposal, so you need to look for other "forum" software that is provided as "Software as a Service."


You might want to look at:



And there is a comprehensive list here:



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I'm not a fan of Yahoo groups as a message board. I've used Proboards successfully for several different groups. It's free (with a banner ad at the top), the boards are somewhat customizable and users do not have to have a yahoo email account to use them. www.proboards.com

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