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Warning:NMap Xmas Scan attack from scouting. org

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My Norton Internet Security just notified me of a Medium Security risk from scouting.org


Time: 12:14 PM

Date: 11/21/2009

Intrusion: NMap Xmas Scan

Intruder: documents.scouting.org(

Risk Level: Medium

Protocol TCP

Attacked Port: 1877


I would notify the webmaster or IT dept at National if I knew how. Please pass along info if you can. As often stated here, a contact list on the National website would be helpful. I have seen diferent info on this scan attack from it just probing for open ports to something more.



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Nmap is no big deal. It is just a random scan, Just relax. this one of the reasons I consider norton a waste.


More importantly. Does your computer hook directly to your cable or DSL modem? If it does you should invest in a router, when properly set up it eliminates a lot of these false alarms.

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