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New Free Scouting Website

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I have launched a new scouting website. It fits Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Venture Crews.


Best yet, Its FREE! No, not free trial, but FREE.

I used to charge but found it impossible to tell groups that could not pay, that they could not have it, so I found myself giving away a ton of free sites. So, To heck with it, its free for all!


online Calendar


Photo Gallery


Admin controlled Email lists

Admin controlled Rosters





Soon to come, online event registration


It follows all Scouting guidelines, as there are no true 'rules'.


I am the mom of a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Girl Scout...so I know how hard it is to keep track of them, and yes, now I am running three different sites on my own system :) I built my original site to help me keep track of paperwork and events...then rebuilt to allow anyone to use it.


It is Free! well...ok...here is the catch...if you want to use your own domain name, since i am not a server, my hosting company charges $15.00 a year for that. but its not me, its my hosting company.


Please, check it out, spread the word...




www.carypack457.org to see my sons site

www.carytroop160.org to see my other sons site

www.carygirlscouts.org to see my daughters site.


questions, email me support@smdscouts.com

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Have gained over 50 members in the month of October alone! Please check it out. New features

have been added,like the ability for parents to sign up their cell phone number and be texted with updates to arrival times or cancellations or whatever.



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I am currently building a advancement tracker for Cub Scouts.


I have had almost 100 new clients this month! I am thrilled.


FAQ - yes, you can have your own url and point it to your new site!


This is the most frequently asked question :)



Sharon Miller



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The site looks great. I will have to show it to my pack to see if they are interested. Would be a great tool for us.


But I am a little curious, how can this be free? I have to imagine this is costing you money to operate and maintain. (excuse my natural skepticism)

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Feel free to be skeptical! Its free. I only ask for donations to cover my server costs. My only overhead is my server.


It is a great tool and via suggestions, new features are being added all the time!

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Sorry if I am being a pain, but is there any possible way that we could get free hosting and just build a site. We have a web designer but just need to get a site. The website will allow us to get information out to the troops and packs and inturn will allow us to help the troops or packs alot easier. I would appreciate it because we are not a troop, we are a chapter, and the templates do not fit our organization.


If you would need any other information about the Order of the Arrow and would like to know more information about how we help the troops and packs I would love to give anything you need!


Thanks, and hope that you can help us out!!




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