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Can you conduct fundraising online from any of the scouting websites?

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I have being asked to set up a web site for one of our fundraising activities and will like to not only set up a troop website but one with fundraising capabilities. Is this possible? what webhosting site will be preferred for this kind of activity? We sell a food product at a very popular street festival monthly hosted by the city and the product is very popular so the Committee wants to take it online. Any suggestions will be appreciated it.

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They already have the approval as this is a monthly fundraiser and the online sales were tried before but the webmaster moved away and noone had the knowledge to keep it going and was allowed to expired, noone at the Unit can provide me with any references as to how he did it so I am here at point zero trying to set it up again in an easy way so anyone with the time can take care of it. Thanks in advance...

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