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Hi all.


My name is Scott Shelhart. I am the new Cubmaster for Sagamore council Indiana pack 3160. I am also the Webelos leader (my boy's den)


My mother was a girl scout leader for my older sister. I was camping with the girl scouts before I was old enough to join Cubscouts. When I did reach the age, I joined the Cubs, and my Mom became my den leader. She was my leader up through my Bear rank.


I earned my AOL as a Webelos scout, and then moved to the local Boy Scout troop (#157). I had a great leader, Mr. Fred Kennedy. Both of his boys made Eagle. So did many others. I think there were 5 of us in my Eagle cerimony in 1981.



It's now 20+ years later, and now I'm the leader.

I'm out here in cyberspace looking for information on how to best help my pack learn and have fun.





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Hi Scott. Welcome to the forums. Sounds like we've run near-parallel lives. I'm an Eagle Scout from 81 as well. I started off as a den leader, was recruited to take over the CM spot, and now have graduaged to Boy Scouting, where I'm the SM. I wish you luck. I hope you enjoy the forum.

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I see you are in my area. Good to know I am not alone in being new in a troubled pack. It will be good to share info with someone who is located in the same area as my pack when I become CM. You may know of local resourses that i haven't even heard of.



Uniforming my pack one boy at a time.

Uniform Closet

c/o Kristi Cantor

PO BOX 1111

Kodak Tn 37764

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I loved being Cubmaster! I did it for two years and had a great time. Here's my thoughts for your consideration.


1) Working with the committee chair, recruit the best leaders you can for committee and den leader positions. If those positions are filled with competent people, your job as Cubmaster will be easier, more fun, and benefit every scout in your pack.


2) It's very, very, very difficult to be both the Cubmaster and a den leader. I did it for the W2 year and it almost burned me out. Try very hard to find someone else to be the den leader. You could continue attending the den meetings as a parent assistant, but let someone else take on that responsibility.


3) Try and provide the best ceremonies possible. Candles, drums, face paint, campfires, Cub-o-matic machines, simple props, etc. are easy tools to use. I find that the scouts remember the ceremonies from the pack meetings long after they forget the songs or skits.


4) The Cubmaster does not plan the Pinewood Derby, coordinate Scouting for Food, make the Friends of Scouting presentation, organize the Blue & Gold dinner, etc. The Cubmaster is the Master of Ceremonies at all these events, the public face of the pack, but he doesn't make them happen. That's the role of the committee and parents (notice, I didn't list the den leaders).


5) Have fun! If you're having fun up front, the scouts will have fun, too. Do you like to sing? Then sing! Tell bad jokes? Go for it! Do what you like to do and the scouts will pick up on your fun.


Have a great time as Cubmaster!

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I agree with all of the above. With small packs it is hard not to end up doing several things at once. Look forward to one position only.


Thanks for the welcome message, Kristi! Look forward to meeting you. Will be at Camp Buck Toms tomorrow with my son.


Tom Newman

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