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Hello i am just simply looking for some feedback on how our troop website is looking. I know it could use a little updating. What I am looking for is feedback on the design and functionality of the site. Any suggestions would also be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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Looks good however you should check that all your links are working correctly. New scout links did not go to the title of correct item. Information link and I got resources survey.

I was really disappointed about the cooking. I thought I could see some of your troops recipes. haha


The main thing is if it works for your troop. Is the information kept up-to-date? Is there useful information for your troop/prospective new scouts? Ask your SPL and a few other scouts to give their opinion. Ask some of your adult leadership. Maybe get the feedback on an evaluation form you make up so you don't get the standard "Looks great" replies. They are you main target.


Maybe add a scoutmaster update type thing on the good things the scouts are doing, such as "Jimmy C. earned his Tenderfoot", and keep it current. Kids love seeing their names and accomplishments out for everyone to see.


I think I was told at a roundtable that national has some guidelines for scout troops/packs that have websites. Our troop does not have one so didn't pay all that much attention at the time.


Good Luck you look like you have a nice website.

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I think there are very few official national guidelines (I think they say refer to your Council's guidelines), but I'm under the impression that banner advertising was forbidden by most councils. Does the "webs" free website banner at the bottom of that website bother anyone? I know you're getting the website for free, but you're advertising the ISP....



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