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Suggestions for a Pack webpage???

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I was looking for some information about what we should put on our pack webpage. I have built one already and want to improve it.


So I ask, what kind of things would you put on your webpage. What kind of information on the front page.


Looking for suggestions and maybe some pointers.

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Our Pack's website is primarily a vehicle to communicate to parents already in the Pack, and is used to help recruit and give background to prospective parents in May when we sign boys up for the following year.


So, pretty much anything and everything that you need to communicate to parents is fair game.


On our front page are always any upcoming (within a month or so) events or outings, along with any PDF files that may include sign-up forms, handouts, directions, announcements or whatever. Add to that info on recent past events (Pinewood winners, toy drive results, leader recognitions) and you have a pretty complete front page.


We have other pages that include photos, a calendar, links to web resources, documents (uniform inspection, permission slips, pack newsletters, etc..). And we also have a contacts page so everyone knows how to get in touch with everyone else.


Our site is www.palmerpack215.com



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Don't make to much information public. I would keep the photo gallery, the calendar and den schedules and rosters private. We have a troop in our district blaming a rash of home burglary's on their website and information on it.


Far as Public contact information probably just the CM and CC or Membership Chair if you have one.


Sad that it has come to this.




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So for safety reasons, we should make sure that there is limitations to the personal information. May list leaders as Mr Joe, or Mr. Bob. And maybe just some e-mail and no physical addresses.


Thanks for the help so far. I am still working on the front page reformat. The great thing is I have a program that makes things easy to do.

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