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Famous relatives?

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Geneology was a big obby of mine back in the 70's when I was a scout. Luckily for me, there seemed to be someone in the family who had giid information on several of the different branches. We could trace most back to the early 1800's or mid to lat 1700's.


My dad's mother had a cousin who spent 30+ years tracing the one line. She was able to trace it back to the 1060's England. It was pretty vague up to the 1300's, then became quite detalied. There were several Knights, Lords and different battles mentioned. A high school budy and I found out that we were several generations removed, him being the direct decendent of the bastard son of Henry III and I being a decendent of the Great (times 4) grandsughter of Henry I. We also found thet we are the dierct decendents of Edward Marian Wingfield, the first president of the Jamestown Colony.


As for biracial, I wouldn't be surprised sinve the family was in Va. for centuries.


Our project now is trying to trace my wife fathers line. Her great grandmother was full blood Cherokee. Tracing native lineage is very difficult. One thing hampering the effort is the neame was changed because her grandfather and his brother were shinihg also. Gern, maybe they ran together.


My wife and I use to have fun with the coat of arms kiosks in the malls. They could only trace the tree back to the 1300's.


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Patton: His Spymaster: My Great Uncle (CounterIntel in the European Theater) : Me




Patton: Macarthur : My Grandfather (Intel in the Pacific Theater, Intel for Korea): Me


Pretty short connection!


We might find it shorter from other paths as well, though. I have been to Reagan's offices in LA after he left the White House, and met with him. Reagan gets me to a LOT of people, obviously.

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On my Mom's side, I share common ancestors with Bill Clinton. On my Dad's side, I share common ancestors with President George W. Bush, through his mom, Barbara's family. I should have tried to go to my long lost cousin Jenna's wedding! I'm related to a few other former presidents and also to Lucille Ball AND her husband, Desi Arnaz.


GernBlasten, we are probably long lost cousins, too, as I am also related to a bunch of boring Norwegian farmers!



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On my moms side about 5 generations back (my mom born in 1912, her oldest brother born 1889 and I came when was 3 months short of her 40th birthday), a Paul Andreas Kaald ( 1786-1867) a Norwegian privateer for the Danish/Norwegian King. Captured a few British ships and broke out of their prisons a few times. A Wikipedia article and everything. Plus also a street named for him in Trondheim.


On my dads side I share with him, my son, brother and nephew the middle name of Krohn, his mothers maiden name. When back in Norway a few years ago I found out from my cousin that our third cousin who also has the middle name of Krohn had been the Defense Minister of Norway and almost elected Secretary of NATO.


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