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Does anyone know about any regulations from National about posting pictures of Cubs on a Pack Myspace page? I tried the search and didn't find what I wanted. Our Pack had a website about 4 years ago, but the Cubmaster left and the site died (it was hosted on his work's server). I do vaguely remember something being mentioned either on these forums or from our UC about no individual pics of Cubs and no last names, and of course, permission from parents to put their Cub on the site. Since I'm now the CM, I thought I could gather all the info I could before presenting it to our committee at our annual planning meeting in July. Any comments or info are greatly appreciated in advance. Thanks

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A few years back, I went to a UoS class on Scouting and media. The recommendation what that you should avoid identifying Scouts by name. People in the pack know who is who.


The idea is that if the funny guys know the little guys' names, they can pull up and say, "Hey Johnny, need a ride?" Of course, all you have to do is go to a kids's baseball game and either someone will identify all of the players for you or you can listen to the coach yell their names.


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The research below comes from the www.Scouting.org search function :)




Here's the specific stuff for unit web sites:



Here's the link it spins off to:



Read these. CC should sit down with Chartered Partner IH/COR. Let the Chartered Partner give you some guidance about what they want in terms of your site.


Don't know why the URLs don't format well; recommend you do a copy and paste to your url bar.


Finally, scouting.org is getting better as a repository of program support information. I commend it to Scouters and parents.


YIS(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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I have been a scout leader in four different units and webmaster for three, here's my $0.02


1. Do not upload to Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. unless you have no issue with scouts navigating those sites. Alot of easily accessible, inappropriate material there. Even stop-motion, LEGO animation on Youtube looks fine but then surprise, the soundtrack includes vulgarity. These sites typically ask "registered users" to flag inappropriate content, yeah that works - NOT.


I know the BSA, councils, and units have leaped onto posting to these very popular sites but I don't think they gave it due consideration. Granted some will embed a Youtube video so a scout does not have to go directly to the Youtube website, but the Youtube watermark is on the video as an invite. Maybe someday, there will be a SAFE social network site for scouts to post photos, video, etc.


2. Photos are great but place them in a password-protected area and change password every so often. At first, I had photos publicly available, but as I checked the access log to my website, I discovered some porn IP's hitting the photo galleries and then there was Google which thinks it has a God-given right to catalog all images whether you block them or not. I digress, assuming you have parental permission to post photos, let everyone sleep easier by password protecting access to photos.


3. Do not identify scouts directly or indirectly in any photos - no first name, no initials, no Charlie's son,... Those that need to know already know.


4. A scout unit can operate just fine without a website. You mentioned your unit has gone 4 years without a website, has it suffered for lack of a website.


Anyway my $0.02

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Thanks everyone for the information. I've just been thinking of different ways to increase communication with families. In th past, DL's haven't called parents, or parents were psycho and SAY they never got called(ask my wife about her time as a Tiger leader!). On the old website, we would put the Pack calendar, upcoming events like PWD, pics from day camp and Webelos Adventure Camp, etc. so parents could get the info in this digital, high-speed 24/7 society. Now, if the IH/CO/COR/CC decide this is something it/they want, then finding someone to set it up and maintain it becomes the problem!!AARRGGHH! lol (All I can hear in my head is the Madonna/Justin Timberlake song that has the lyric line "The road to h*** is paved with good intentions").

Thanks again all for the previous and future info.

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So your concept of using MySpace is that there is a template that anyone can update, right?


But others point out that MySpace may not be Scout safe.


Your solution may be one of the Scout specific web hosting services which provide templates for units. Basically, these are "fill in the blank" web sites. No need for software on anyone's computer, no knowledge of HTML, or other web software necessary.





Those are just two examples - there are others. Costs are usually free or very low.

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A scout parent created an unathorized pack website on Myspace. The pack committee voted and asked it be removed. The problem is required membership, The posting of pictues without scouts or parents pictures. posting of events and too much personal information. Weird friends pictures.


Boy scouts and Myspace.....sure. Cubs and myspace no way.

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Yea I Agree With Basementdweller, Cub Scouts Are Way To Young To Use MySpace And P.s. If You Really Want A Easy To Use Scout Website Use webs.com And Make Sure You Have Every Ones Permission In The Troop Or Pack That You Can Post Their Picture Online.

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Better alternatives include a pack Yahoo! Groups page - invitation only. Use ScoutTrack or ScoutManage - password protected w/ automatic invitation e-mails, calendaring, etc. Even a traditional web site w/ pictures and the unit calendar behind a password protected link.


There are a number of services which provide templates for Scout unit sites, some at no cost.


You could even create a group page on the Scouting Community on myScouting.org. (although it doesn't have as much functionality as some of the other options)


MySpace would not be my first choice.

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