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TroopMaster/PackMaster DotNet FTP IP Address

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My charter organization has every FTP site blocked for security reasons, but has volunteered to open up a gateway if we provide the direct IP address of the DotNet FTP server.


Sounds like a reasonable request...


Problem is, TroopMaster will not tell me the IP address.


Does anyone know the IP address for the DotNet FTP server? I am guessing any network "sniffing" software could get this, but that is an area outside my skillset.


Please help if you can.



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Try one of these.


Dot-Net, Ltd (DOTNET)

Dotnet Internet Services (DIS-89)

Dotnet Internet Services (ZD68-ARIN) sysadmin@dotnet.com +1-920-924-0593

Dotnet Internet Services (AS22166) DOTNET-INT 22166

U.S. Department of Transportation DOTNET (NET-152-119-0-0-1) -

Dotnet SBC06410817119229041005110443 (NET-64-108-171-192-1) -

DotNet FX DOTNET-FX (NET-75-149-164-200-1) - message has been edited by evmori)

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Sorry for the name change...account setup revised...


Being a large network, they will not grant permisisons based upon a program since it could go to several locations and could open up a security vulnerability.


They said I would need the FTP IP address...or nothing...


Thanks for the help everyone!



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Using CO's internet access during weekly meetings. This is usually a great time to update info on scouts at our check-in desk (I run a pack of about 150 scouts).


At this point, working offline until I return home is the only option.

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The last reply helps if you host using scoutwebservices.com.


We are hosted by dotnet.troopmaster.com (the "prefered" ftp site)


Guess if we cant work this out, switching to scoutwebservices or another FTP provider may be required.


Anyone know how to map the IP to dotnet.troopmaster.com


Is it the that was posted earlier?





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dotnet.troopmaster.com resolves to the following addresses:


Chances are, your CO is blocking port 21 (FTP) for all addresses and needs to explicitly configure IPs to allow port 21. I'd give them that list.

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