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Troop web site -- frustrations! guidelines?

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Our district does have some guidelines in place that can earn the unit website a certifed status from the district. The link to their site is: http://www.sycamorebsa.com/Guidelines.htm


Our unit website, which I first created and turned over a year and a half ago, is www.orgsites.com/il/troop159.


Orgsites is a location that allows for tons of help and simpilfication of methods.

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I made our troop website 2 years ago and we all don't know how we ever lived without it!


Anything with a name goes on the Secure side and all the parents get the password at any meeting. This is where all the photos go, too.


This is our host: http://www.scoutwebservices.com/


They are great! Easy to use and very helpful. And cheap.


check us out at www.troop5bsa.org

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Kayak Girl -


How did you set up the secure area? The last time I looked into doing something similar for our site (www.pack766.net), it didn't seem very straightforward. We've worked around it in part by setting up photos on Wal-Mart and limiting the login/password distribution.


Thanks for any help you can offer.



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When I made the list of pages for the left hand side of the Home page I named one of them Secure Area. The company that hosts our site set up the password-user name part of that page.


Now when I add anything to the secure area I just make sure I save the new page to the secure area file. Then everyone has to go through the password stuff to get to it.


This is our host: http://www.scoutwebservices.com/


They understand Scouting and are very helpful.


Does that answer your question?

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Yes, that answers it, but doesn't get me any closer. My husband has an IT business and does our hosting. I built the website in html and if I want a password-protected area I need to figure it out on my own. I have seen instructions for one option on-line, but haven't pursued it. At the moment we're getting along fine without it, but I think we could make the site more useful if we could include contact information for the leaders, for instance.


Thanks for your reply.

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Did everyone find a solution to this?


Out of necessity and out of a need to keep track of my kids scouting activities, (oldest just received his arrow of light!!) I built a site that could be used by all three of my kids (they are each at a different level, scout type ie., gs also)




I offer nothing hidden! Heck, I dont even email you!


my sons pack www.carypack457.org


Question....contact me




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