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Hi All! I'm new to this web forum. I found it rather by accident. I was trying to set up a webpage for our Pack, and thought I'd make sure one didn't exist yet. When I googled "pack 3037," I was brought to this site under the following URL: packs.scouter.com. How can I get my pack a similar website? I'm only somewhat computer savvy, and I am learning something new everyday. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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Sarah, welcome...


First step is to find a webhost, as I think Scouter.com does.


Go to NetRoster, (top black bar),


Then ... below the green bar which says LOCATOR,

there is a light yellow bar which says ADD YOUR UNIT.


From there... it will push you through a page which isolates your unit to BSA,


Then to your Council


Then to the type of unit you have.. (Cub Scout Pack in your Case)


Then to a fill in menu which lists basic contact data.


That will get you databased here.


IF YOU WANT A WEBSITE, many units work through someone's ISP to be a webhost, or they procure a domain name and a webhosting service for a token fee per year. Then, they build AND MAINTAIN (that's the tough part) content. I'll say it again... maintaining the content is the tough part. Stale content means the group doesn't care.


There are a suite of rules for web content. KEY POINT: Do not let a youth member be personally identifiable!


Here are my home Council's rules, which I think are very close to the National standards:




Hope all this helps.


YIS John


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Hi! Heres another suggestion:


Does your Internet service provider allocate you free web space? The ones Im familiar with, Verizon and ATT, do. I wasnt doing anything with my Verizon space (20 megabytes) and after seeing a lot of great Pack sites out there on the web I decided to use the space for our Pack. Im not super tech-savvy myself but the site building tools provided with the space allowed me to build, in my humble opinion, a pretty decent site. Ive posted pictures (52), clip art, links, our pack roster under password protection, upcoming events and other information and I still have space left. Heres the link:




The problem with going this route is that, since the space is yours, you are responsible for keeping it updated, but if you dont mind its not a problem. I actually find it fun. The other drawback is that the URL is long and not easy to commit to memory. Ive printed it on slips of paper and keep a few in my wallet to pass out as needed.


Bottom line: Ive found the drawbacks to be minor and that this is a fast and cheap alternative if you have the space and tools available to you.


Good luck!


PS: I built my Packs site before I discovered the Scouter Forums and the free web hosting. Im going to check it out myself. Maybe Ill build a satellite site for the Pack if the URL is easier to remember!





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