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IE only registration process

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Just a heads up for the admins: the scouter.com forum registration process is IE only, at least for non-nerds.


The problem is with the "Create Account!" button on the index page for the URL http://www.scouter.com/members/ .


This button is linked, via JavaScript, to http://www.scouter.com/members/register/step1.asp, a URL that is completely accessible via Firefox. Unfortunately, something about the JavaScript code is IE-only, and fails under Firefox And while it's true that many FF users are net-savvy enough to extract the proper URL from the page source code, many other FF users are not.



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As an internet professionals I can tell you I will never go back to IE and anyone who makes there site so parts or all of it only works on IE ... will lose alot of potential business. I am not the only one that will go to a properly made site, if the one I am looking at wont work in firefox. Also IE does not support near what it should when it comes to CSS and other client side technology. Why can't all browsers be WC3 compliant? (yes I know not even FF is fully compliant)


Scott Robertson


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