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My son was wanting to help start a web page for his Troop. What I was wanting know is there any free sites out there for him to start with? It isn't going to be anything fancy, but it was something that he wanted to try.


Thanks for any info you are able to offer.


I am going to have my son watch this discussion.

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I second a vote for decision design.


My son is the webmaster for his troop, and the decision design websites are easy to set up and update. It is also convenient for others (those who are approved to do so get the password) to add articles, photos and make changes to the website.


Here are some examples of decision design websites:








You can see that they have the same basic template, but users have modified and customized them to suit their needs.


The main thing is that the sites are not super-complicated, so another person can take it over when the original person "retires". Having an out-of-date troop website is worse than not having one at all.


Decision Design also has a yahoo user group, so if you have questions you can get support from other users and also the decision design staff themselves. They are great!




Edited to add: You'll still need a domain name. But you can get them fairly cheap. I think we pay $10.00 per year for ours.



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We use a Yahoo Group for our web communications. You don't need a web master, no need for any special education/software, it's free and maintenance is a no-brainer. Anyone in the group can process information and it comes with a lot of nice features, i.e. calendar with reminder announcments, etc., polls for finding out who's going on a trip or not, files section that we use for advancement/troop info reports, pictures section and e-mail messaging/postings for all member in the group. I run a group for my present troop, my former troop, my crew and my sponsoring organization and spend about 5 minutes a month on maintenance. When I upload a advancement reports, it takes maybe 30 minutes for 30 boys.



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