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What do you think of webrings?

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I have been looking around at the various Scouting webrings on the net...

Do you think it is a good idea to get involved in one? I personally don't like them and don't see a point in them... Has anybody had good luck with them?

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My personal opinion - they're amateurish and don't add any value. Typically the ring gets "broken" because of sites going down. There's not much in the way of validation either, so you can get a variety of websites that might not be what you want in your ring.


Just my $0.02.

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It's still there - webring.com


ANYTHING that gets your troop or Scouting in general is worthwhile.


Sure- a kid can search the webring for unsavory sites, but then that kid is aleady there searching. What a great distraction for that kid to stumble upon!


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