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Hi All,


As many of you know I am the founder and webmaster of InsaneScouter.org but my time isn't quit what it use to be. Thus I have decided to form the InsaneScouter Web Team. My greatest need right now is for help specifically with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) projects. However I could use help with proof reading, getting our 300 member newsletter going out monthly again, updating content (this is mostly html), raising funds, business help in forming InsaneScouter into a non-profit, etc. If interested please contact me for more information. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Please note I am cross posting this message, and encourage you to do the same.




"Helping youth one click at a time"

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InsaneScouter: Let me start by telling you that I know absolutely nothing about maintaining webpages. I will say, however, that I visit insanescouter all the time! I love the Webelos pages in particular. Our den is crossing over next month to become 1st year Weebs and I fully expect to use your activity pages, games, and ideas! I hope you can keep the site up and keep it updated - it is a worthwhile resource on the 'Net.



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