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Looking for 50+Meg Free Hosting

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Can anyone recommend a scout-friendly webhosting site where our pack can get 50+Megs and a large amount of bandwidth for free?


Thanks in advance,


Wolf Den Leader

Pack 935

Okeana, OH

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Hi John,


I understand you wanting free web hosting. I am curious why you are looking for 50+megs of space? When I was webmaster for our council web site, the whole council web site with 7 districts, Order of the Arrow and lots of graphics only took up about 30 megs of storage. Large amounts of free bandwith is also a curiosity. Visitor traffic to a Scouting related web site is just not that high. BSA's national web site may get tens of thousands of hits a day but few councils get that amount of traffic, if any. With our council site we averaged 150 unique visitors a day and less than 300 page loads per day. So I don't see bandwith for a Cub Scout Pack really being that important.


As for the free part of your request. Just about any "free" web hosting service will also give you "free" banner ads to go with that "free" web hosting. You might want to consider paying for your web hosting to get away from the "free" banner ads. You should be able to find web hosting for less than $6.00 a month.


If your heart is set on the "free" hosting, just Google "free web hosting", you'll get more information than this forum can offer. I have yet to find a hosting service that is hostile towards Scouting. Or, just set up a Yahoo group for your pack. It will do the job of helping with communication and you can do some things like polls that are not that easy to do in html.


Hope this helps.


Yours Truly in Scouting,

Rick Pushies

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