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How much space ?

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Greetings- I am working on getting a new web site for our district. I'm trying to get Web Hosting donated but I'm not sure how much server space we'll need. Neither does the web master. The pages havent' been designed yet but I want the site to be a useful communication tool. I want to have space for all district committees to use. Training anouncements, advancement...unit commish phone numbers, district contacts, calender, photos from unit and district events, etc. Any ideas--how much space are you using ?

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I remember when PONG came out - boy was that fun. I remember my younger brother getting a Commodore 64 and thinking, at the time, that will never catch on.


For what you are doing, 5 MB does not sound like enough. I would look for 50 MB at a minimum to give you some room to play.


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